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Grace in EN

09/24/2020 13:06
[Mt. 20:1-16]   Blessings to you, forgiven children of God. Amen.     This text is...

Genade in het VL/NL

09/17/2020 12:44
[Rom. 12:1-8; Mt. 17:14-20]   Genade zij en vrede, geliefd kind van God....

Evil recognises good

09/03/2020 11:39
[i Cor 3:1-9; Ps. 62; Lk. 4:38-end]   Grace to you, beloved children of God....

Semper Deus major

08/31/2020 10:40
[Rom. 12:1-8; Mt. 17:14-20]   Genade zij u en vrede. Amen.     Steeds...
[Rom. 11:1-2a, 29-32; Mt. 15:21-28]   Blessed are you, beloved children of God....

On good works

08/04/2020 07:52
Rom. ; Mt. 14:13-21] Grace to all of you who are one in Christ. Amen.   A clever German once...

Psalmen en parabels

07/27/2020 10:17
[Ps. 119: 121-128; Mt. 13:44-52]   Heer, kom met uw Geest en open onze oren en onze harten....

The Gospel is yours!

07/20/2020 13:08
[ Rom. 8:12-25; Mt. 13:24-43]   Let anyone who has ears listen!     “The Son of Man...
[Rom. 7:15-25a; Mt. 11:6-9, 25-30]   Grace to you and peace. Amen.     “Come to me,...

The Sword of Jesus

06/22/2020 09:53
[Rom. 6:1b-11; Mt. 10:24-39]   Grace to all of you who are one in Christ. Amen.   What’s...
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Welcome to Jo Jan's blog; welkom, willkommen, bienvenue, salam, shalom...

I was born and raised in Flanders (northern Belgium) and became actively interested in religion at the age of 15.

I was baptised United Protestant, confirmed Lutheran while studying in London, and worship with an Anglican congregation when in my beloved city of Ghent.

These are my thoughts and experiences connected to life and religion, theology and parish life, and ordained ministry.

You can read previous blog entrees on; this blog is a reboot. Please do engage, share and leave (relevant and curteous) comments.

Disclaimer: These are my own personal opinions and stories, they do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my church.



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